Willow at 3 weeks.
Willow in the great outdoors at 5 weeks.
Willow at 7 weeks.

Willow is a female puppy. She was the largest puppy in the litter. She has a fun-loving personality. Playful, curious, already a mouser. Willow went to live in a horsy home in Colorado, joining an elderly ES “sister”.

Willow, now Bonnie, age 13 weeks, with Lakota in Colorado.

Hi Caroline, Bonnie is doing great and growing like the proverbial weed. Her hair coat is really getting long and beautiful. Lakota has adjusted to the fact that Bonnie is here so she might as well play with her. …The horse shoer was here and I had the dogs outside. She went right up to him for meet and greet and the man said “she didn’t jump on me!!” Now dogs love the horse shoer and I am sure he gets jumped on a lot, but not my Bonnie.¬†She’s becoming quite the nice companion. I want to thank you again. Cathy

Bonnie at 22 months.