Sunshine at 3 weeks.
Sunshine at 4 weeks. Her coat is getting fluffier.
Sunshine at 7 weeks.

Sunshine is a female puppy. She will be the kind of dog that keeps order on the farm. She is the first out of the pile of sleepy puppies to investigate when she hears a strange noise. Sunshine, whose name will remain Sunshine, went to a large cattle ranch in Colorado.

Sunshine at 12 weeks.

It has been only two and a half weeks since we arrived home with our new family member and we are amazed how fast she is growing. She has slept through every night, wakes at first light and goes out to do her business. The vet was here to check the horses and Sunshine was out with us the whole time and maintained a safe distance. At one point she was sound asleep in the sun in the grass not too far away. We have her on three meals a day, raw ground meat and vegetables. Her appetite is excellent and consistent. She is curious about the horses, birds that fly overhead and deer that come in the yard and by the pond.  She always comes when she is called. She is a happy dog and we are so happy to have her in the family.

Sunshine and Mr. Kitty have not yet been nose-to-nose, but stare at each other a lot without threat or fear. We closely monitor the two of them and look forward to the day that they accept each other fully. Mr. Kitty doesn’t seem very upset about this which is amazing because he has ruled the place for 11 years. Sunshine is amazingly calm and non-aggressive.

Thank you for your care and breeding such a fine dog.


Sunshine at 19 months.