River, now Rudy

Age 3 weeks.
Rudy at 12 weeks, who climbed up there himself, and his dad, Dexter.
Age 22 months.

May, 2019

Rudy is maturing into a lovely, handsome dog. He’s an interesting blend of his parents’ characteristics.

Like his mother, Rudy is very chatty, affectionate, and not bothered by gunfire.

Like his father, Rudy is a nurturer of our free-range poultry. When he hears an uproar, he runs to check out things.   He is suspicious of strangers until he gets to know them. He is the typical “English Shadow” always at my side. He is a very polite dog. This makes him very easy to live with. He’s an avid vermin hunter and watch dog.

Rudy’s herding drive is a blend of Clara’s higher drive and Dexter’s calm/low drive. He is interested in moving the geese but he does not chase the birds.

Rudy is a fast learner. .  I’ve also  noticed him tracking when we’re out in the fields or woods. Of course, all the dogs follow game trails and tracks, but I notice him more than the others.  So, I started formal tracking training with him and he hasn’t disappointed!  He caught on to the job at only the third lesson. He was running down the last two legs of the track to find the reward at the end!