Poppy at 3 weeks, deep in puppy thoughts.
Poppy’s first trip outdoors at 5 weeks.
Poppy ready to pounce at 7 weeks.

Poppy is a female puppy. She likes to play in the water. She has a fun-loving personality. Playful, curious. medium-herdy (HA! Auto-correct keeps changing it to “medium-nerdy”!) . Poppy is one of the larger puppies in the litter. She’s headed to a rural family on the Oregon coast.

Poppy, whose name remains Poppy, arrived at her new home.


I just wanted to share a quick story with you. Yesterday we were putting the chickens away a little early so we could head out to Home Depot. We wanted to see how she would do there. She was perfect, of course, even though it was crazy busy and crowded.

Anyway, one chicken made it back through the gate, across the property, and under the RV. I’d already used my chicken treats to get the other chickens to go into the chicken yard, so I knew I’d have a tough time getting the one to willingly come out with only me and no treat. So I grabbed Poppy and put a long lead on her, pointed to the chicken under the RV, and told her to put the chicken away. She calmly walked to the side, stayed behind the chicken while they both walked a straight line back to the gate. It took me a moment to open the gate again, but once I did, she got the others to back up and the escapee to hop back through. It. Was. Amazing. I know she’s only 3 months old and it’s not like she’s fully trained at all, but still. It was an incredible, magical moment. What would have taken me a few minutes and some frustration took Poppy all of 20 second.

In fact, she just did it again!  A chicken escaped while she was out playing with sticks with my son. She saw the chicken, but I was able to call her to me and put a leash on her. Then I told her to put the chicken away and she did, calmly and smoothly. She even laid down when the chicken overshot the gate entrance and had to walk back towards her. It was magic. She’s a chicken whisperer. 🙂

She is just so wonderful and smart. Thank you so very much! We just can’t get enough of her.