Pointing Fingers

Teehee. This entry is not about placing blame, it’s about getting an English Shepherd to go where you want him to go. 🙂

My husband, Daniel, is very, very good at getting the dogs to position themselves where he wants, and more importantly single out a particular hen or goose. Here I am with all my years of competitive dog training experience, Daniel with none, and he was doing such a much better job than I.

It took me a long while to realize what he was doing. He was pointing his finger! That’s it, just pointing. The dogs must be able to quickly discern what he’s pointing at. Daniel will point and say something like, “Bring me that chicken.” And, voile! Dexter calmly brings him that chicken.

Dexter is not the kind of dog that enjoys constant verbal direction. By pointing a finger, Dexter does the job without getting frazzled or frazzling the bird. If you have a dog with a similar personality, try pointing! It might be just the ticket.

I hope this helps you and your pup.

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