Orchid at 3 weeks.
Orchid at 7 weeks.

Orchid is a female puppy. She is quiet and laid back, but not fearful. Orchid will probably be a slightly smaller female as an adult. There is a lot of personality and humor packed in this little package. Orchid, now Keena, went to live with a retired couple in rural Washington. Look at the view!

Keena at 15 weeks.

Hi Caroline,

Keena is affectionate and fun. She is cautious and shy of new situations. When she hears or sees something new she stops and listens closely. She loves to climbs on rocks and to search out the quail that roost in the currant bushes. So far they are faster than she is.  

I’m looking forward to see the photos of the other puppies!


Keena at 6 months.

She is a pleasure.