Natural Rearing

An overview of natural rearing

We raise our dogs as dogs were raised prior to the 1970’s. Some call this natural rearing.

Why do we do this?

Because this was when the big push began for dog owners to feed thier dogs commercial pet food. It was also the start of “annual vaccinations”. Each of these topics are examined in the links below.

The holistic veterinary community questions whether these practices, in their current form, actually benefit dogs. And I do, too. I think there is value in the older ways of natural rearing.

I came to this philosophy through my work as an author and researcher of canine health care problems. One of my books was awarded Best Canine Health Care Book 2001. And my research papers have been published in veterinary journals and conferences. You can read more about my work, here and here. I tell you these things not to brag, but to support my opinions presented on these pages.

The bottom line is that –over the years– all of us have been encouraged to do things to our dogs that we wouldn’t do to ourselves. We’re encouraged to feed our dogs completely processed food when we know for ourselves it’s better to eat fresh, whole foods. We’re told to repeat our dog’s vaccines year after year into old age when we, ourselves were only vaccinated a few times in our childhood. We’re told to wear gloves and wash our hands when handling pesticides, yet we apply them directly to our dogs’ skin.

Since these practices (feeding commercial pet food, annual vaccination, and chronic pesticide exposure) have become mainstream, canine health problems have cropped up that simply did not exist just the decade before. Autoimmune diseases, cancers, seizures and more.

We believe that natural rearing is a logical investment in the health of our dogs.  Maybe you will, too. Please read on.

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