Feeding Raw

How to Feed Raw Meaty Bones (chicken wings and necks)

Sometimes I get questions from dog owners who are ready to try a raw food diet for their dogs. They want some tips on how to feed the raw meaty bones (RMBs). They’re concerned it might create a mess or that multiple dogs might argue over the meaty bones.

Dogs know that a real bone is a high value item. So, when feeding dogs RMBs you get to see their natural canine behaviors emerge. For example, when a wolf pack accomplishes a kill, each wolf grabs a little piece and retreats to a safe place to eat — a protected place where another wolf won’t take it from him. This can affect your feeding arrangements.

If you want to feed indoors, raw meaty bones can be fed in a crate or ex-pen. If each dog is fed in a confined area, it eliminates theft and arguments. If your dogs have a history of arguing over food, go this route.

If you feed a single dog indoors, it’s not unusual to see the dog take his RMB to his bed, crate, or under your kitchen table to lie down and chomp it up. If you have a prized Oriental rug under your table, you might not appreciate this.

RMBs can also be fed outdoors. This is what I do. I’ll feed my dogs outdoors in all but a torrential downpour or freezing temperatures. If the weather is nice, I’ll sit at the picnic table with the package of chicken wings doling them out one at a time. Each dog will take one and walk off a ways to eat it. Since there’s lots of space for them to spread out, they’re relaxed, feel safe, and no arguments ensue. I enjoy watching them eat this way.

I like doling out the wings only one at a time because if I were to put down two bowls each with several chicken wings, one dog may wander off with his first wing, and another dog, a faster eater, might help himself to the rest.

Feeding the puppies.

When they’re all done I just have to wash my hands. Quick, neat, and tidy.I hope this helps you and your pup.

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