Our breeding goals

1. The first of our breeding goals is–in some small way–to help continue the work of the late Mrs. Mildred Schoeman. Mrs. Schoeman of Iowa bred for a mild-mannered ES that would be gentle around chickens and other poultry. Most farms and homesteads today do not have a great deal of herding work to do, and we find there is a need for this type of dog.

2. Our second goal is to raise dogs as they were raised pre-1970. Some describe this as natural rearing. Puppies are raised on the raw food diet. They are raised with minimal vaccines, and with minimum exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

3. Our third goal is to provide information about canine health care. We believe this is our duty and responsibility both to the puppies we bring into the world and to the people who purchase them. Many health problems are set-up in the period after a puppy leaves the breeder and in that first year of life. We want you and your puppy to have a long and healthy life together.

Please see our pages about natural rearing and our  litter of August, 2017.