Willow at one week.
Willow at 2 weeks, showing off her pedicure. All pups had their nails trimmed this past week.
Willow at 3 weeks.
Willow at 4 weeks.
Willow in the great outdoors at 5 weeks.
Willow with her first meaty bone. She was trying to find a private place to eat. Several of the puppies were. Specifically, she was trying to take it into the potty area. She was so intent on this, I finally lifted her up and put her outdoors. I forgot to take a picture of her out there. She lay right outside the (open) door and talked to, and chewed, that chicken thigh. LOL.
Willow at 6 weeks.
Willow at 7 weeks.

Willow is a female puppy. She is one of the larger puppies in the litter. She has a fun-loving personality. Playful, curious, already a mouser. Willow is going to live in a horsy home in Colorado.