River at 3 weeks, tasting my thumb. All pups are gaining weight well.
River at 4 weeks.
River at 7 weeks.

River is a male puppy. He is going to stay here with us to carry on Dexter’s legacy. He is a mellow guy who does not seem too interested in chasing the chickens.  River, now Rudy, is a happy fellow and seems to be an English shadow like his dad.

Rudy at 12 weeks, who climbed up there himself, and his dad, Dexter.
Rudy at 5.5 months.

Rudy is a fast, fast learner. Like his father he has a gentle temperament and shows concern for the poultry. When he hears an uproar, he runs to check out things.

Like his mother, he is chatty. Actually, Rudy’s even more verbal than Clara. He chimes in whenever I’m on the phone.

Rudy at age 7.5 months.